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Famiglia Barnaba

The Barnaba’s family today

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We are a family-run oil mill, situated in the countryside of Fasano, close to the beautiful white city of Ostuni, the Adriatic Sea with its beautiful sandy beaches, the coastal dunes National Park and the hills surrounding the Itria Valley.

This beautiful land features thousands of centuries-old olive trees famouse all over the world; they tell us a lot of stories, including the story of our family. So why don’t call them “monumental”? A wide range of agricultural firms were established thanks to the presence of olive trees throughout the long history of Puglia.

Our company was founded from the passion of our grandfather Donato Barnaba. He married our grandmother Maria, and they soon built their first mill. They were tough times, however their commitment and will power gave them good results. In the 1980’s, together with their son Piero, they decided to make their firm grow and improve, buying the best olives from local producers.
Their good quality oil is soon appreciated by local oil sellers who decide to buy large quantities of this fine extra virgin olive oil.
In 1996 dad Piero and mum Caterina inherit the company. They take care of the mill and they start with the pressing of wine grapes; during this time the company grows to the point of building a new mill and buying the best oil machines. Their aim is to produce an excellent oil and maintain the healthiness of our monumental olive trees.
Olive oil must be produced within 16-24 hours from harvesting and all with cold pressing, below 25°C. The oil is stored in steel silos with a constant temperature; every stage of production, including filtering and bottling, is kept under strict scrutiny in order to keep the original taste and perfume of our land and our historical trees.
Inside the old building you can visit our wine cellar, where you can follow the entire process of wine making guided by Piero and Caterina’s sons, Donato and Giovanni Barnaba.

This story is narrated from Donato e Giovanni Barbara, children of Piero e Caterina, who believe that should be transmitted, in a multimedia way, the knowledge of the local products. Like History has taught us the good food , good flavors and the ancient traditions, so also gets his hands dirty should take the merit of our traditional knowledge.

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